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Isolating genius from its context Less about who you are than where you are. Some contexts make adventure inevitable. Ditto genius. Systemic probability. 




Reality got you feeling like it's time to QUIT ALL THE THINGS! unfurl your bucket-list; pop the escape hatch ... and hit those last-chance-to-see tourism deals with hedonistic/nihilistic fervour like there's no %@$#!ing tomorrow? Humans got you lurching erratically between disgust and awe? Hail fellow, well met! At each turn there are stories of oncoming dystopia to curdle our blood. Yet, paradoxically we find ourselves in this golden age of creativity, scientific and technical progress beyond our sci-fi imaginings. What a time. 

If you're recalibrating your bearings, strategically weighing what to finance, or which future-useful skills to sharpen now. Is it time to write a book; take an adult gap year; back to university for an upgrade; move countries; switch careers; launch a startup, a fund, a sabbatical? Destiny may have delivered you to the right door, friend. Welcome. 

Dangerous periods of uncertainty, awe and rage are not new for us humans. Though that may not feel comforting when we're in the grip of history, shaken out ourselves. Breaking apart what has become stale - releasing unstable energy. Tearing through traditional rules and roles. Yet under every rug pulled out, there are opportunities aplenty. But they're only useful to those who can spot them, and activate them. Enough good taste to realise to not consider this an achievement

Genius begets genius.


More curiosity gone awry, not aforementioned sexy bravado. I've learned that WHO you are is often less important than WHERE you are. The odds are stacked when you find yourself in a place and time that makes interestingness inevitable. Genius begets genius. It also has geography. 

But the chain of reason doesn't ≠ genius or we'd be able to brute force brilliance. Enlivenment is counterintuitive/counterfactual. We long for control, but it's not OS^ 

Hunter of Genius


Layers not just trends. Upstream & systemic. Future is vegan and less barbaric? Game Behavioural. Natural capital. Social capital. Inflection point. beyond GDP. Peak stuff. African

(Almost always tech trends upon which businesses lay their bets; and from which media can cast angels or demons for the next few seasons). 

Connect vs Protect open cc`
Extelligence agency

Not who you are but WHERE you are


For bright ones ejecting out of traditional roles. Strategically weighing which future-useful skills to sharpen; write a book; a university upgrade; adult gap year; launch a startup; a fund; a creative sabbatical?! Recalibrating to find our bearings again. Craving a clear mission or generous sense of belonging. For those in rebellious defiance of doom, not ready to surrender the aliveness of all things yet - I'm here to scoop that agitated cognitive surplus.

If reverse-engineering mysteries is your jam: UPSTREAM of disasters


Out of the corner of your eye, you see a glimmer of light, and a hand beckoning you out of the commotion. You spot an ancient hidden hatch leading out into the sunlight. Slipping out of the frenzy, into cool fresh air you notice carved into the well-worn path: nemo solus satis sapit
Compounding innovation - safe so we don't get ripped apart in our shiny. 

MISSED OPPORTUNITY - reveal the gap

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