Discerning which tools, technologies and techniques to learn and master offers material advantage to those who don't want to just be blown about by the winds of chance. 

Building your own tool stack of the timeless (apocalypse survival or cross-cultural usefulness) and timely (in-demand NOW) is essential to being prepared for whatever; reducing anxiety; access to higher quality choices ... and makes life more fun :). Okay just kidding, without our tools and tech we are toast as a species. We don't have thick hide, claws, sharp teeth, poisonous venom, weather-protective fur etc... by rights we'd be among the species least likely to succeed ... but look at us now :-/ yikes. 


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Iron Working Tools

Among living things we are the only obligate tool-using species. We HAVE TO extend and augment our capabilities with tools or we don't live very long - no choice. 

Technology (the knowledge and development of tools and their  processes) is painted as newfangled, even a threat to our wellbeing but it's ancient. Nay prehistoric, think harnessing fire, or the deft hewing of stone tools by our ancestors, millions of years ago in the Olduvai Gorge. Our ability to scout and use the properties of other things to substitute for our vulnerabilities - this is our jam. Our unbeatable advantage. Using them well, well that's why we need to upgrade our mental and social operating systems as powerful tools are easy to hand for anyone to pick up. 


"Everyone and everything that wasn’t a stupendous badass was dead.”

- Neal Stephenson, Cryptonomicon, actually,

Tools, shared knowledge and social collaboration are how humans bend the world to our benefit. Even living off-grid or joining a tribe in the veld, is to benefit from the generous sharing of technologies across time. I am no beefily-built fellow and tool-less, would be part of the food chain in the wink of a lion's lashes, without sensory augmentation (⌐⊙_⊙) I wouldn't see it coming.

Tool-using ingenuity in other creatures who are badasses in their own regard ...