In the merest blink of a galactic eye, our species has snagged the superpowers our ancestors once ascribed to the gods. With them, we can actively choose (and speed up) the next branching of our evolution.

Between rogue governance and _________ (pandemic etc) - those anchoring constraints blew wide open. Reality got VERY weird. And [editable] by almost anyone. Terrifying, but also thrillingly liberating, especially for bright people who may otherwise have responsibly pursued their socially-approved ambitions.

We ARE in a precarious, dangerous place but – as timeless stories have primed us – humans up against improbable odds, will eke out the win that nobody saw coming. Stupidity and defective hand-me-down systems threaten to suck us over the brink. Monopoly. 

Life er.. finds a way.

Conserve Understand Love “Baba Dioum” must understand - need all in. 
Mop up unemployment - make an ONGOING LIST of new jobs needed. 

Don't wait for credentials to get started or invited. Waiting to begin our "life's work" until we're anointed into leadership; earn an advanced qualification; get that BIG IDEA; the time-luxury of retirement; feel financially secure = the bogus version of reality.

Category characteristics vs character: Imposing the default stories of race/age/nationality/religion on ourselves, or others, impedes the wonder that may otherwise emerge.We're wasting too much brilliance that could illuminate us out of the omnishambles we find ourselves in. Traditional blueprints of how life should be led, don't fit well for some. So we don't always recognise what we should give attention to.

"Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself; but talent instantly recognises genius" - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Because I've never fitted in elegantly either, I hunt "genius". Not so much the fabled individual version. Rather: a pursuit of the subtle, erratic forces that drive those ingenious upgrades to life. Genius rarely shows up in obvious packaging, with prestige and applause heralding its arrival. Anomalies. Stuff from the periphery. Often slow born of annoying obsession, mistakes, last-ditch attempts, discomfort, boredom, play.

Half-life of knowledge. 

Find yourself ... or recreate yourself. Accepted norms fit you awkwardly? Celebrate weirdo, this is your time. Humanity needs you. Skill up, tool up; life is too precious to let the bozos win. 
if you're one of those grown-ups who used to read those high-stakes adventures with a motley band of friends puzzle-solving against terrifying odds ... and imagined you'd live that kind of storied life. We are living in a fully bizarre open-to-remix version - unleash your frigging imagination. Huddle close with the brave and bright. 
Well unfurl that bucket-list, get your skills on, because the Trouble has rolled into the room, and we need you.  ... and to make more interesting stories of our lives than work-buy-display-repeat.

If all matter is raw data waiting to be interpreted, we have the invitation & option to rearrange our reality at any time. We're just not much good at it yet.  

The world is transforming, speedily, in surreal sci-fi dimensions of WTF. 
Fresh ways of fast embedding knowledge of what's working now is essential - for all of our sakes. Fear and anger of uncertainty are contagious; time to hit the turbo button >>
Formal education too often prepares us for a previous version of reality, which we don't have the luxury of maintaining for much longer.