Tropical Leaves

It's very unlikely that it'll emerge from our traditional places of power and learning  - government, business, universities. The stakes are too high; outcomes and funding too optimised for clear-line-of-sight utility; and the deathly fear of looking foolish lurks menacingly in wait for those who might flub a daring swing. 

HOW DARE YOU!  Nod knowingly if you've ever felt a twinge of guilt for goofing off and playing rather than doing something edifying with your free time.

Imagine you make a swerve and 


Throughout history, evidence points to a startling number of inventions spawned from noodling about with silly side-projects, hobbies, amateur hour. Building things with no financial intent. Chasing a hunch. Or just learning something frivolous. With no UTILITY or efficiency. Just for fun, curiosity, a dare. 

Breakthroughs can be tenaciously won from clear line-of-sight goals. But genius - the surprising, useful and novel - almost always pounces from the periphery while we're doing other stuff.

"The next big thing will start out looking like a toy" - Chris Dixon, A16Z


Free time can be used to escape our reality temporarily, or expand our selves. Quick hit or long bet. Play eats perfectionism.

Bonus for alpha types: play is a successful antidote to anxiety. Coupled to learning, it's unparalleled for embedding skills, and stimulating neurogenesis.


Chance favours the prepared mind - Louis Pasteur

[Tim Wu piece\.