An Invitation

Technology awkwardly helped our wayback cousins realise the sun doesn't revolve around the Earth. Now, the human-centred orientation of the Enlightenment is being flipped - on us.
Anthropocentric is quickly becoming stale and dusty, as geocentric was then. 


It may not be obvious yet, but we do NOT need to put ourselves through hell while we upgrade our place in the much wider world. Dystopia be damned. We finally have the speed, scale and sophistication to pair our own freedom and flourishing to that of our fellow earthlings. And it makes economic sense. Grand-scale change is never easy nor is progress inevitable; but our suffering is optional. 


So I help discover, test, and teach the business and tech-strong ways to work with the aliveness of Nature's operating system. Recalibrating business models for deeeeep, regenerative time horizons vs captive extraction. And more importantly repairing leisure to its rightfully luxurious ratio :) There are more intelligent routes to prosperity than the financialization of everything, where every inch of existence is for sale. Here for the adventuresome reinvention & recreation. 

I find the ragtag heroes across all sorts of fields, exploring and experimenting at the pixelated edges of the known. Figuring out and stitching the clues together.
Come with :)