Hagan: Herman, listen. We need you for this. I know you think you're not fast enough, and I'm not strong enough, and I know we've had our differences, but I think it's time we—

Herman: Okay.

Hagan: "Okay?"

Herman: I'm in, man.

Hagan: Wow, you made that super-easy on me; I had like this whole speech worked up and everything.

Herman: Hmm, well, thankfully we don't have to listen to that.

Tis an ill wind that blows no minds. - Malaclypse the Younger

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Purveyor of unusual learning experiences for a species in need of an upgrade. (Mostly) for grown-ups still secretly craving those adventures we used to read. Our time has come!

Before the rivets on reality noticeably started wiggling loose, I was at ease with my choice to opt out of the outrage theatre online. Quietly able to get on - gently swerving the upwelling of neo-narcissism - without needing to tend to a monetizable identity. But now, dammit, my serene cloistering has come to feel like indulgent selfishness.

I'm climbing back in it to celebrate (and cerebrate) the f'ing ineffable. Not out of duty, but because it's gut-punchingly apparent that so many of us have no inkling of the wonders we've been born amongst. The massive inheritance of painstakingly-wrought systems of science, engineering, and culture that we get to take for granted, sure. But.

Belligerently grinding our home planet's wild array of genius into oblivion is the mightiest WTF of all time. Just as we develop the tools and power to value, marvel and learn from it, we hit peak capacity for perverse economic incentives and political absurdity. It's hard to be chill, we seem to be freaking out or tapping out. 

The all-sides-assault of emotional engineering to get us to take action! take down! take sides! has hushed and pushed many skilled people out of the public arena. This is an awfully good time to woo them (em, maybe you?) back. Because we've embarked on a wholly new journey of what it means to be human. And we aren't ready. Tragicomedy kind of not ready.

Getting people equipped for where there is no well-worn path is my trade though. Teaching people across a sprawl of industries to prepare and imagine probable futures, use technology resourcefully, work collaboratively. Putting it into action by working on campaigns for behaviour or policy change - building fanbases and strategic storymaking, is objectively useful. Doing it for an elite few, eh, not so much. 

But why cast off a luxurious cloak of quiet just to rejoin and try repair a shouty old consensus reality? Seems sensible to learn how we build another in parallel. We have the constituent parts. Plus a heady adventure with friends in our play time can't go amiss. 




To upgrade our species, we'll probably need to work with non-human intelligences (other species and machines - alas, not aliens), across deep time, and sometimes with people we really don't like. And probably a little faster than is comfy. As with approaching anything new, coming in heavy with the senses and sensibilities of our current reality, will overload and crash it out. 


So we'll need to loosen up, tinker in fields we aren't used to, and actively keep our thinking fresh and funny. But not casual. Competitively creative, gnarly problems, nerdy AF and wildly ambitious. And each 1 teach1 learning as a lifestyle choice to keep up.
I have no clear line of sight where this goes, but s
erious leisure is now my jam

 Nemo solus satis sapit = none of us alone is wise enough (or arcane tattoo suggestion?)
Even if  "hell is other people" and we'd rather not be in the game  (yes, 70 times yes) -  much of the genius we need is combination-locked these days and you may have an important clue.  
impossible object